Sunday, October 24, 2010

Night of My Life

To sum up the concert, it was nothing short of amazing.
I missed a day of school, and 9+ hours of driving, but it was totally worth it to be on the crowd, listening to my favorite band with my best friend!

I was in section 64, so I was no where near close, but I still had a great view of the whole set, and the fans next to us were just as awesome- we danced around, and sang all the songs.

The set list was amazing. Damon was pumped up and jumping all over the stage, you can tell everyone was excited to be playing. The energy was great and they sounded awesome. They played a lot of the great older songs. I took some video shots but I was dancing around the whole time, I highly doubt they are viewable!

Here are some pictures from the concert- warning, there are many!

I bought two posters, one from me and the other for my brother.

I am so happy I went, it was definitely one of the most amazing nights of my life.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Autumn Falls

Autumn is one of the most gorgeous time in New Orleans. We get a spectacular show of oranges, reds and greens. It the the perfect season before we enter winter. Usually, Louisiana is sweating hot, but the sun shining, cool weather is perfect for cosy sweaters, hats, and gloves! And I plan to wear all of them!
I cannot wait for the pumpkin scented candles and the falling leaves. Autumn brings with it one of my favorite holidays, Halloween!

I love everything about Halloween- dressing up, parties, and carving pumpkins!
On Sunday afternoon, I went to a pumpkin patch.
F21 dress, TJ Maxx shoes, New York & Company cardigan, Burlington Skinny Jeans, Claires Fedora

pumpkin hat
It was such a fun time, I loved picking out from all the pumpkins.

I saw these online!

Aren't those designs so cute!? I love the Minnie Mouse! I can't wait to make it!

Gorillaz Pictures, Images and Photos
Friday, I am going to see my all time favorite band, Gorillaz, in concert for the world tour of Plastic Beach! I don't think I can explain my excitement! I am going with my best friend, traveling 8 hours to Austin, Texas. If you haven't heard of the Gorillaz, I really suggest listening to them. They cover almost every aspect of musical talent (except country perhaps?) There will be many picture updates afterward.

You may notice my layout is messed up. I am going through a major design change. It will not be finished until after this week, but please bear with me. It will be worth it! I hope you understand!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Confessions of a High School Teenager

You know what sucks?
Realizing your graduate from high school in 2012.
I am not a believer in the apocalypse, and even though i know some people are, I can't help but think,
"What if there really is the end of the world?"
And that leads me to questions in the middle of English class like
"Well that freakin' sucks... 4 years of high school just to have it end randomly... All that work for nothing.."
And then it leads to "I wonder what will happen... Maybe it will be like the dinosaurs and end with an asteroid... Or! Maybe zombies will take over the world!"
and by the end of class i am thinking around the lines of
"If it WAS a zombie apocalypse, where would I hide?"

(If you are curious, I decided I would hide on the roof of Walmart, that way, if we ever needed something, like guns or food, it would all be there!)

But I always wondered why the Mayan calendar ended there? And why do we think it is the end?
Perhaps they were just tired of writing, I mean, they were pretty far ahead. I think they could have taken a break. Or maybe they died from disease from European foreigners. There are many theories, but I tend to think practically. They were people too, they could have been simply tired of writing.

And why the END? Maybe it is a new beginning.