Saturday, June 5, 2010

8 days/ Fashion

Yestarday was a short day, i woke up at 7 to fill out a passport renewal application (which i should get my passport on Monday.) I went to the dentist and a friend slept over. So nothing interesting enough to blog about. Today was much more productive, but I am making up with fashion feature in the this entry.

On my iphone, I have an iphone app called Shanghai tiles. At the end of each game, it give you a fortune. This was my last one.


How crazy is that!? My reaction was priceless!


This is my suitcase:


How cute! It is by DDC, Double Dutch Club. I got it from TJ Maxx, it is a 24in hardshell suitcase. Not only is the pattern cute, it holds a lot!


That has over a month worth of clothes and accessories in there! And it still has space!

Screen shot 2010-06-06 at 12.16.44 AM

It's summer! That calls for sunglasses ad cute bath suits!

And the 1950's are coming back! Cat eyed sun glasses are going to hit big. Prada has a new line of sun glasses called Postcard sunglasses.


I love these, but anything with the name 'prada' in front of it means it to too expensive for me. Hopefully, we will be seeing replicas around soon.

As i was saying, cat eyed glasses are every where! You can even find some cute pairs at walmart! I can't wait to get my hands on a pair of these, I look like i was born for the 50's.

Speaking of which, full skirts are in style as well. I love full skirts, they work so nicely on women, and give them a really nice shape.

Here are a few things that are IN:

-Kitten heels

-military motifs

-suede pumps

-1950s inspired atire

-thick heels

-bootie heels


-summer colors (blues, pinks, yellow, purples)

-fur trimmings

And out:

-Sporty sunglasses

-eighties influences (yeah, it is sad :( )

-tapestry scarves

-patent-leather platforms

And as for makeup and nails,

Go for full,natural brows. Shaped, but not over tweezed. Lipsticks are a bright, like pinks, fuchsias, reds, and corals.And I love bright colors for summer nails but bright is not your look, greige colors like smoky browns.

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