Monday, June 21, 2010

i am a bad blogger

First off you're probably thinking, (or maybe not) 'Anais, you are the worst blogger! Where have you been?!'

Well, I am have been in Norway for the last week, suffering for jet lag. ): There is a 7 hour time difference from LA! And to make it worse, the sun doesn't go down! Nope, just stays up all day and night! I am so used to Louisiana's early nights, I began to forget which day is which! Because of the time difference, I have to wait till 1 to talk to my dad through Skype, so the days begin to squish together. I will be thinking, 'did I talk to my family last night, or this morning?'

This may sound strange, but when it is dark, I think of it as a seperation of days, so usually when i want to recall something, I count by the nights that went by, but in Norway, midnight is still very bright!

Luckily, I have finally gotten over my jet lag, and I know exactly how many days i have been in Norway! I can sleep at night without xtra curtains as well!

I wish I could explain how beautiful Norway is, but I don't think I could do it justice, so I have a few pictures.


How beautiful!


This is from the window of my room. I love waking up to mountains every morning!


I took this picture before landing in Norway.

There is a sterotype that norway is full of blonde norwegians, and I don't care what my dad and Reidar (my step-grandfather) say, it is true! I have never seen so many blonde people in my life! I guess living in the states, there is no 'one look', because it is made of different people- caucasian, african-american, asian, german, middle eastern, etc- but when I went to Norway it's like ' blonde blonde blond african blonde blonde blonde OMG white with red hair!, blonde middle eastern, middle eastern, african, blonde, asian.'

Okay, so maybe I am exagerating, but not by much. Many people in Norway have dark hair, but there are much more with blonde.

There is also another sterotype that Nowegians are nature lovers. That's true too. And I don't think they can deny it either. I mean, look at the pictures! Do you see all that green? I never saw so much green in my life, never in New Orleans!

If I make a lot of mistakes while typing, that's because the spell check is not in english, but in Norwegian. So every word i am typing has a little read squiggly line underneath. And the keyboard is different.

What are all these extra letters? What is Alt Gr?! AND HOW ON EARTH DO I MAKE A SMILIE FACE?!


On Friday, my grandmother, my aunt, and I went to Oslo, the captial of Norway. On friday we went to a concert that had like Norway's top 20. I didn't know like any bands except Madcon, which is one of my favorite bands! I was so happy!


We were so close, even though the picture would say other wise. I love this picture, it is very cool.

Saturday, it was raining on and off so we went to some famous museums in Oslo. We went to The Kon-tiki mueseum, the viking ship museum, and the south pole expidition. And Sunday we went to vigensparken and the ski jump. Most of the pictures can be seen on facebook but here is one from the park.


The park was very beautiful. it celebrated life and death, aging, love and birth.

Well, this is the end of the blog. I promise to be a better blogger!

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