Thursday, June 3, 2010

The countdown has begun! 10 days

With school finished, time have been traveling so quickly lately. Most of it is a blur since I had surgery in my jaw and was sleeping 70% of the time with swollen face. Luckily, my face is looking fine now, and I am healing very well.

Yesterday morning, we officially purchased the tickets! Yay! I will be leaving June 13th and will not be returning until August 1st.

The point of this blog is to keep my family and friends in Louisiana updated. I will post pictures often and will also use this blog as a 'fashion daily' so you can also see what i am wearing regularly. I will be posting a blog every day until I leave, and post as much as possible while in Norway. You can keep in touch here, and i will be Skyping often as well.My Skype account is AnaisOdd

I have all my clothes packed and ready to go in my cute suitcase. And for the most part, everything I need in my carry on, (other than makeup and glasses because I use those on a daily basis.)

My next blog will have a video with everything I am bringing and more.

Until than!
oxox Anais

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