Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Confessions of a Highschool Girl

In a bittersweet way, I will be leaving Norway and back to LA in 4 days, and starting school in 12 days.

I've been going to a school with lockers since 6th grade, but it wasn't till I changed schools that i was actually allowed to use a locker by the school. I never took full advantage of my locker during the year, but now, I know what I should keep in my locker.

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Obviously, textbooks, paper and notebooks. This year, I have class after class after class that all require textbooks and notebooks, and carrying them all at once is OUT of the question.

Cardigan/tights- I though I usually have a jacket or sweater with me when I go to school, I am known for burrowing my friends jackets because I forget to bring mine! I cannot concentrate when I am cold, so it is important to have something to spare or repay my friends with something for them to burrow./The weather changes constantly in New Orleans, it can be sunny in the morning, and freezing in the afternoon! And for someone who usually wears a skirt to school, this can be miserable. I like to tights because of that reason.

T-shirt and shorts- often i am doing after school activities- tutoring, choir, plays, clubs- and my usual uniform is less than comfortable. I always keep a stare set of clothes to change into. This changes with season; i.e. sweat pants in winter

$5, keys, and flash drive- These are spare, in case i forget my house key or flash drive, which i need daily. $5, emergency cash.

Personal hygiene- I dont think i need to explain this, every girl should have this in my opinion. I love colgate wisps! They are great for after lunch or whenever you feel like you breath could use a 'pick me up.'

Umbrella, rain boots, and socks- like i said before, the weather in LA is unpredictable. And when it rains, it rains a lot. I hate wet, soggy shoes as much as the next person, so keep some extra socks as well.

Question:So, what do (did) you keep in your locker?

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