Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This past week, I spent with my grandfather,
Interent was very unstable so blogging was very difficult.
We travled to Atnasjø where i saw a whole bunch of sheep walking around!
I love sheep. I used to work at Audubon zoo in the petting zoo area, which had sheep and goats and other farm animals of that sort.

Then we went to the 1994 Olympic Ski Jump in Norway where I rode on the chairlift.

I am not scared of heights, but it is a bit frightening to be to high up in the air, basically in an unstable floating swing, and the only thing protecting you is a small metal frame.

Look how cool this is!

Its a fence made of ski's!

Yestarday, I was asked by Foot Earth to add a picture I took onto there website.
(this one)

I checked it out and it is actually a pretty cool website. Basically, it is a website that shows the world we step on, and people from all over the world have uploaded their pictures!

You can find mine by searching 'Norge' or 'Norway'. It will go to the country and once you zoom in, you can see little images of a photo. If you click the photo nearest to the white spot of land, you will find mine!

**Warning, if you have a foot phobia, this may not be the website for you.**


Jumping to fashion, I have been wanting to blog about this for awhile.
What's worse better then a snuggie?
This thing.
I dont even know what this is?!
What do they call it?
I had to search for 30 minutes to find this picture, and it's not even a good one!

"The snuggie generation 2! Now you can look more ridiculous than ever!"

Norwegian girls are wearing this, EVERY WHERE!
I don't know what the deal is! They come in pink, purple, red, every color in the rainbow, but it just makes it worse!
The best part about it, its 599 kr.
It is equivilant to about 100 USD.

If you where this, please don't take this offensivly, but you can buy a sweatshirt and sweat pants for about 80 dollars less...

And look better in it too.



  1. oh, i love sheep! they're so cute. :D

  2. What a cute sheep and wow, that swing is pretty scary!:D
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