Friday, July 2, 2010

There have been a few things I am missing while in Norway.

(1)The southern hospitality.
If I smile at someone in the street they think
A.) I am crazy
B.) I am Drunk
C.) I am American
D.) All of the above

(2) Wal-Mart
No cheap nail polish :(

(3)The Moon

But the other day, I saw the moon for the first time in Norway and it was beauitful.

I have never seen the moon to big in New Orleans! It cast such an awesome reflection over Mjøsa.

The sky was beautiful that day.

That was taken right before the moon came out.

Yestarday, I went to a theme park near Oslo called TusenFryd.

Now I love roller coasters, but I hate rides that spin. I am 16 and the first time I went on the spinning teacup rides was last year!

So, there is no possible way I would want to ride this, right?


I rode it- and crush my aunt's hand in the making. I don't know if you can tell, but in the picture you can see me holding her hand.

But I rode it, nearly scarred out of my mind, and had a great time.

And then we went on one of those flying carrousel's. Which i have never been on before.

Typical that my aunt and I were the oldest ones on the ride.

After many rides, we relaxed and got a brain cooler. Basically an Icee.


the day before we went to my great grandmother and had waffles and coffee.

Norwegian Waffles are the best.

Oh, look at these cute glasses from McDonalds.
In Norway, with any medium order, you get a free colored glass. They are actually really cute and have various designs on the, butterflies, tennis rackets, hearts, swirls, etc.

I did something unbelievable. I cut my long nails :(
I have tiny hands, and when my nails are short they look like they belong to an little girl, but my nails kept chipping and breaking, I had no choice. I just hope they grow back quickly!

Question of the day:
Before I go, I realize I am lacking a good blog name. What is your suggestion? Though right now my blog is focused on travel, it will be based on fashion and makeup.


  1. Great pictures!
    To clarify, the reason why Norwegians don't greet each other is because in the winter time it is to cold to speak... you have to bundle up and make sure your face is not exposed to the weather. Your mouth may freeze shut :D

  2. Such amazing travel pictures, thanks for sharing!:D And how cool are those McDonalds freebies?!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  3. Hi Anais!

    Nice pictures you have taken! Take more and just blog them to us so everyone can see! Having fun I can see! Hope to see you again before you leave Norway!
    We just got home frome Denmark. Have been in Billund in Legoland! Very hot and hard to sleep at night, but also very fun!